+ Best concept for cutting and for grinding on multi materials
+ Strong screw flange
+ High velocity performance
+ Application
  - Cast iron
  - VC, PE
  - Plastic Tubes

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VACUUM RESCUE BLADE, REINFORCED CONCRETE & ABRASIVE MATERIAL + Premium blade for versatile cutting on wide range of material+ Optimizing for cast iron, steel system and FRP+ Particular cooling hole avoiding overheating prevention+ Application   - Reinforced Concrete  - Cast Iron  - Plastic and FRP
VANITY BLADE WITH FLANGE + Free Cutting for Natural and engineering stone+ Clean grinding+ M14 Flangea   - Granite  - Hard Stone
POLISHING PADS 3 STEP + Premium for polishing in natural stone+ New hybrid 3 step pad+ Unique style pattern and new bond system 7 STEP + Ideal for polishing in natural stone+ High quality surface finishing+ Unique style pattern and special resin bond
TUCK POINT, ZIG ZAG TYPE, UNIVERSAL CONCRETE + Special brazing with T.C.T+ Mortar ranking+ Excellent performance & longer life time+ Application   - Abrasive Concrete  - Mortar raking
WIRE SAW FOR CONCRETE & STONE + Ideal for diverse types of machinery+ High-pressure injected plastic / runner spacers+ Stable cutting and longer life time